Team Shout Outs

Singing Sam’s Praises

Truly great companies exist because of great leaders within them. At Atlas Lexington, we’re no different. Our company is quickly becoming one of Lexington’s fastest growing retail marketing & sales firms because of the talent we choose to build our business around — talent like Sam Clevenger, Human Resources Manager here at Atlas Lexington.

Born & raised in Ashland, Kentucky, Sam was a pleasant, easy-going, even-keeled kid who was always happy and never afraid to be goofy. The product of her mother, she grew to be a woman of genuineness and grace, earning a full ride scholarship to Morehead State (Go Eagles)! With a family history in the medical field, Sam embraced a biology major throughout college, graduating with her degree in 2013. What seemed natural at first, pursuing Physical Therapy, now required another 3 years in school. Not wanting to yet make that commitment, Sam decided to throw herself into the workforce!

While still in Ashland, she switched her efforts to the retail field, expanding her experience to American Eagle, Sprint, Verizon, and Ashley Home Furniture. Those 5+ years working face-to-face with customers in a retail environment Sam says shaped her to excel in her role here at Atlas Lexington. In the midst of working and receiving her personal training certification, she realized that a world existed outside of Ashland and made the decision to move to Nashville, TN. Fortuitously, she started working with our client’s Nashville office in their marketing & sales department and quickly made a name for herself as one of the most positive, hard-working, kind people in the company. When asked to help our client grow into Kentucky, she asked how soon she should have her bags packed!

Now back in her home state, Sam looks to help Atlas Lexington grow by sharing the opportunity for growth with everyone she comes across. Driven by helping others and seeing them succeed, Sam is the consummate Human Resources Manager — selfless, humble, and passionate. She thanks the company for teaching her how to stay focused on her big picture goals and helping her develop a strong business mindset — one that is impenetrable despite setbacks or obstacles.

With a professional goal of developing 2 people into management this year and opening up a yoga studio in Lexington in the next 5 years, Sam works with intensity and electric energy. Her addition to our Human Resources department has been the spark we needed and one we know will ignite our company for years to come. Sam, thank you for being the force of nature you are. We appreciate everything you do!


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