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One-On-One Interview with CEO Nathan Warren

In early September, as a part of a “get to know our team series,” we sat down with the CEO of Atlas Lexington, Nathan Warren. Atlas Lexington is retail marketing and sales firm that represents some of the worlds’ biggest multi-billion-dollar telecommunications companies. The team at Atlas Lexington is dedicated to fostering strong client relationships and successful leadership. Nathan Warren serves as an integral piece of this vision, and a mentor to his team.

The 25-year-old CEO was born in Omaha, Nebraska, but hails Manchester, Tennessee as his true home after moving there as a young child. Residence in Manchester comes with many perks; Nathan, in fact, has attended the Bonnaroo Music Festival annually for ten years straight, citing Eminem as his favorite act.

Warren’s ability to create an effective and cohesive team can be traced back to his roots. As the eldest child in a family of eight children, he knows what it takes to cooperate. Beyond the home, Nathan engaged in sports his entire life, and even went on to play two collegiate sports. Although a well-rounded athlete, the young CEO has always had his favorites. His high school and collegiate years were spent on the baseball field and basketball court. Warren hails Sewanee University as his alma mater, and the hallowed halls where he shined on both the field and the court. His collegiate years as both a dedicated student and passionate athlete allowed him to master the art of time management, a necessary skill for a CEO, which Warren directly credits to his collegiate experience. “Those years taught me that when you work hard, anything is possible,” says Warren, “with each year I found myself more comfortable and capable of handling all aspects of my life.”

Those four years weren’t all jerseys and games for Warren — he walked away from Sewanee with a degree in Psychology. “At the time, I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with this degree,” claims Warren, “but I can confidently say that it prepared me to work in such an industry, working with many people on a daily basis.” After graduation in 2015, Warren would go on to work two jobs, making an hour-long commute to Nashville every single day. Long before leading the team at Atlas Lexington, Nathan Warren held the ability to harness a strong work ethic and undying dedication to success.

In 2016, Warren took a frightening risk, packing his bags and moving to Indianapolis, where he would begin on the path that led him to the office of CEO. Today, only two short years later, Warren has tackled the obstacles of the industry and triumphed, learning more lessons in his two years than many find in an entire career. “I wasn’t the most social before, I didn’t care to speak my mind or interact much,” says Warren, “this industry has helped me break out of my shell more than anything else.” The traditions of the industry may have broken the shell, but it is Warren who fostered his own form of effective leadership, and the results are palpable. When asked of the details of his personal leadership style, Warren urged, “lead from the front. Don’t tell people what to do, show them.” With such a leader at the head, it is no question why Atlas Lexington has found such success. The industry success is coupled with a rich company culture, described by the CEO as “energetic, family-oriented, and competitive.” This team shows no sign of slowing down, with hopes of promoting an official assistant manager by the end of the year.
Any leader following in the footsteps of Nathan Warren will naturally ask, “how?” Warren’s advice- work hard every single day and develop a routine. Don’t ever get discouraged, work with the ups and down, and see past the obstacles. Of course, success truly comes from an effective team. The key qualities Warren searches for in a potential member of his team is someone with unbreakable work ethic, with a “positive mentality and a coachable disposition, anything is possible” says Warren. Warren himself credits the success of Atlas Lexington to the team, who inspires him to work harder and strive higher each and every day.

When Warren is not busy as a 25-year-old CEO, you can find him on the basketball court, spending time with his team, hitting the gym, or unwinding with his favorite TV shows, The Flash, Arrow, and The Walking Dead.


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