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Tips to help you ace your interview at Atlas Lexington

Hello, soon to be graduates! Your big day is right around the corner and even though it is hard to think about anything other than walking across the stage, we want you to start preparing for what comes next- your career! We know that the job market is extremely competitive right now and for some of you, this may be your first time stepping into an interview. This is why our management team here at Atlas Lexington decided to share three of our best interview tips. After all, we are hoping some of you will be walking through our doors over the upcoming weeks and we want you to feel prepared and confident. Are you ready to start prepping for your future? Then, READ ON!

Do your research

Every interviewer wants to feel as if their position is your top priority. So, stroke their ego by knowing the ins and outs of their entire business. This is why doing your research is our first and most important interview tip. Look over the company’s website and all of their social media platforms to gain a better understanding of their management team, business values, and their company structure. While you will be preparing to face your interviewer, you will also be able to see if this position is the right opportunity for you. So, do yourself a favor and put Google to use!

Practice and Repeat

Practice, practice, practice! Being nervous for an interview is completely normal. The key to not allowing your fear to take over is to practice. You have the skillsets to be successful, so now all you need is the confidence! Our advice is to look up commonly asked interview questions, stand in front of a mirror, and practice your answers. Pay attention not only to what your mouth is saying but also to what your body language is saying. Are you sitting up straight with a smile on your face? Your interviewer will be more likely to hire you if they can hear and see how confident you are in yourself!

Be on time- that means early

Have you ever heard the saying, “early is on time, on time is late, and late is unacceptable”? Show your interviewer that you are responsible by showing up to your interview ten minutes early. This allows you time to greet the receptionist and fill out any pre-interview paperwork. You’re no longer in the college environment where it is acceptable to show up to class at the last minute. Your future employer, hopefully, Atlas Lexington, will be relying on you to show up daily, ready to tackle the tasks of the day. If you are prone to running late, set your alarm clock ten minutes earlier. Trust us, they would rather you show up too early versus too late!

Graduates, we hope you enjoy every last minute you have until your big day. Soak it all in because once it’s done, it’s done. Don’t worry though! Your next chapter will be an even more exciting adventure. Make sure that you are starting it off with a bang by landing your dream job. How do you do that? By acing your interviews! Do your research, put in the practice, and show up with your best foot forward. Now, get out there and earn the career of your dreams!

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