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Entrepreneurship VS a Nine to Five

We’re talking entrepreneurship today, and our team at Atlas Lexington is going to share with you the best decision we made for ourselves in hopes of inspiring you to derail the wasted career train you may feel that you’re on. Assuming that the majority of our readers are millennials, we can almost guess you’re ambitious and achievement-oriented,  like control and have high expectations but fear disappointment and failure. Well, welcome to reality. You’re an adult now and are being forced to exit your comfort zones and make one of two decisions. Do you stay stagnant and safe while working a typical nine to five job? Or do you challenge yourself to follow the path of entrepreneurship that so many of our favorite Instagram influencers are on? The choice is yours. Now, don’t panic. We are going to shed a little light on why we think you should leap at the second option and tackle entrepreneurship and all of its challenges.

First, let’s focus on the nine to five option. We completely understand why you may be leaning this way. Graduation probably feels like it happened yesterday and for some of you, it may have literally been yesterday. All you want to do is make your parents proud, land a job with a good 401k, insurance, and stability. But, we want you to look further down the road than six years from now. Are you challenged in this position? Do you feel like your hard work is being noticed? Do you get along with your boss? Has your pay increased or are you hitting a glass ceiling? With a nine to five job, you will have stability but what you won’t have is an unlimited opportunity for growth. You’re young and this is the perfect time in your life to push past your boundaries and to take risks. What’s the worst that could happen? You fail and lose 6 months of time? Time seems plentiful when you’re young and perpetually limited when you’re older.

Now, let’s talk about entrepreneurship. We know that you most likely understand the basic perks. You are your own boss, which means that you get to make your own hours, determine exactly how the company will run, and the freedom to grow as you like. But, there is another perk that we want to focus on today. As an entrepreneur, you have the ability to positively influence the lives of others. As the boss, you set the precedent in the office. If you show up early, your team will show up early. If you put away all distractions and give your work all that you’ve got, your team will do so as well. You have the rare chance to develop and train the future business leaders of tomorrow. This influence will not only change their lives while helping your business, but it will help their families as well.

So, your choices are simple. Do you accept conformity and do what is expected or do you tackle the challenges of entrepreneurship? As an entrepreneur, you have the chance to build an empire that will develop, train, and influence others to be the best versions of themselves. To our team at Atlas Lexington, this decision is simple. We are willing to take on the challenge because we know that the rewards will be worth the work. But, this is your choice. What will it be?

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