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Kentucky Grown: Sam Raque’s Story

Here at Atlas Lexington, we never shy away from the opportunity to spotlight an employee. We could spend hours bragging about our team members, but this time we thought we would let them tell you their own story. Sam Raque has been a Sales Leader with Atlas Lexington since July and has made quite a reputation for himself as a stellar salesman. But, how did all of this start? How did he find his way here and where is the future headed? We’ll let him tell you.

“My name is Sam Raque. I was born and raised in Louisville, KY, but I’m a Kentucky Wildcats fan through and through. Clearly, my mother knew what she was doing.

I first learned about Atlas Lexington through a LinkedIn job search. During my time at Atlas, I’ve gained a significant amount of direction with where I want to take myself. I’ve always known where I want to end up, but Atlas has opened up an avenue to get me there. There are challenges, however. Probably the most sizeable one is how to adapt to different circumstances, day-in and day-out. Along with the challenges also come the rewards, such as influential connections and friendships, as well as a great deal of perspective.

The proudest moment of my life outside of graduating from college and getting my degree is that every day, I remind myself that I am following my own path and finding my own way. My parents did a great job of raising my siblings and me to be independent and make our own way in the world.  I began to make my own path when I moved to college at the University of Kentucky. I would most like to tell my 13-year old self to relax and don’t sweat the small stuff. I made too many mountains out of molehills and spent too much energy focusing on the wrong things. Now, I define a productive, successful day as being able to check things off my list of personal goals. At the end of the day, if I can look at myself in the mirror and tell myself that I’ve done right by me personally and those around me, then I am successful.

My favorite thing about working in this industry is the ability to make connections with people. I’ve listened to so many stories from so many different types of people. I am inspired by my parents and Kobe Bryant. My parents were not always afforded the best circumstances, but no matter what, they always toughed through them and held their morals and values in the highest regard. They taught me to always do the right thing. Kobe Bryant inspires me to not let someone else dictate what I can and cannot do. If I want to accomplish something, I will not stop until I find a way to get it done. And of course, #MambaMentality. I would tell any person hoping to start a career to try to learn as much as they can every single day. Always add to your self-worth.

I am super passionate about anything and everything to do with sports. The Cats, New England Patriots, and Boston Red Sox hold me down (#GoldBottles). One of my fondest memories in life was getting to see a no-hitter live at a Cubs/Reds game.  Another cool fact about me is that I’ve always wanted to learn how to scuba dive. There’s a whole other world beneath the ocean. The fact that we only know about the Earth’s surface on land blows my mind.

Most importantly, I get up and work every day because I have a clear vision of how I want my life to be. People have invested themselves in me to help get me where I am now, and it is my responsibility to repay their investment every single day.”

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