About Us

Founded in 2018, Altas Lexington is Kentucky’s premier outsourced sales and marketing firm. For our team to be most effective, we adopt a one on one sales approach that focuses on taking on a consultant style approach. Atlas Lexington is focused on finding the right product for our customers instead of finding customers for our product. This ideology switch makes our team act in a way that is friendly, integrity driven, and authentic to our customers which help bring our client’s more long-term happy customers than any other direct marketing firm in the region.

Making a difference in our community is extremely important to our firm. More than just sales driven, Atlas Lexington’s goal is to create an impact that will improve our client’s name brand recognition, make a positive impact on our community, and offer our team life-changing opportunities in their careers. Our team also participates in local and national charity events for various organizations, such as Operation Smile.

Over the next year, Atlas Lexington plans to expand into at least 2 new markets, and we have hopes to expand our reach overseas within the next 3 years. We know that to do this we will need to remain humble and driven. That means giving our team 100% and expecting the same from them in return. We promise our clients that we will not sacrifice results for numbers and will stay true to our standards.

Check out Atlas Lexington’s website: https://atlaslexington.com