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Entrepreneurship VS a Nine to Five

We’re talking entrepreneurship today, and our team at Atlas Lexington is going to share with you the best decision we made for ourselves in hopes of inspiring you to derail the wasted career train you may feel that you’re on. Assuming that the majority of our readers are millennials, we can almost guess you’re ambitious… Continue reading Entrepreneurship VS a Nine to Five

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Connect with Atlas Lexington on LinkedIn!

Interested in learning more about our company and our career opportunities? Welcome to our professional LinkedIn profile! Connect with Atlas Lexington and stay up to date with our team and open positions! Find us here:

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Setting up Your Mindset to Win

By Warren Fowler How did Usain Bolt become so successful? He seems superhuman, doesn’t he? Richard Branson, Steve Jobs, Paul Bocuse… all these people have something special in them. They became the stars in their niche. Have you ever wondered why? No, they do not have any superhuman capacity. They are simple people, just like… Continue reading Setting up Your Mindset to Win